5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

  Rewind the clock back to the year 2000. Back then, it would have been unusual for a small business to have a website. Today it is pretty much essential to have one in order to survive in these tough economic times. However, having a great, fully functional ecommerce website is just the first step […]

How To Recover From The Google Penguin Update

  If you are a business reliant on web traffic for your bread and butter, Google holds a lot of sway in determining whether you sink or swim. In April 2012, Google released an update to its search algorithm which impacted sites which use manipulative link building tactics to rank highly – particularly building links […]

How Do Search Engines Work

  The invention of the internet and the world wide web is akin to the invention of the printing press or internal combustion engine. It has revolutionised the way we do business and interact in a little over 20 years and it’s scope is so vast it has changed the way we speak; if you […]

On Page SEO

  Good SEO is like a great sandwich. With a great sandwich you need two things – freshly baked bread and your favourite tasty filling. Sandwich greatness only comes when these two ingredients are present. With SEO, the two vital ingredients are on page SEO and off site SEO. In today’s post we’ll be discussing […]

White Hat SEO

  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) describes techniques used to help a website rank naturally in search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines use a sophisticated algorithm which uses many factors to determine where in the search results a website ought to rank. Some of these factors include •    Domain age •    Title of […]