Small Business SEO Services

…but whether or not those clicks turn into sales. We understand there is no point ranking highly for keywords if the visitors you attract to your site  won”t convert.

At Click Alchemy our search engine consultants don’t patronise you with some ‘off the peg’ online marketing campaign which isn’t optimised for your business. We work with you to understand your business and market niche inside out  so we know how your customers search for the products and services you offer,  before the campaign even gets under way.

Today it’s simply not enough to optimise a web site and build tonnes of links to it. In the past 2 years Google has reshaped how search marketing works and we understand this implicitly. It isn’t about link building anymore, it’s about building relationships online.

We offer online solutions to small businesses across all markets and one of our clients includes Brighton removals firm Love Removals.

For online success Click Alchemy.